Welcome and Farewell program

Principal Message


Dear Students/Parents,

           I am delighted to emphasize the motto of Pragati Shiksha Sadan Secondary School progress through Academic Excellence and to highlight different programs in Management,Humanities and Education. I always believe in the solidarity of academic foundation and take pride in this venture and regard it as a milestone in this endeavor towards making a model education institution successful, progressive and dynamic. From its establishment period(2007 BS), our dear students and parents have a strong faith and attachment to us. Since we are highly committed to cater for a strong base of knowledge and skill and impart the type of education that can make our students self confident and competent human beings.

we have aspired to create an environment where learning becomes part of pleasure rather than pressure. The school helps the students to prove our Motto. The bright students are free to excel and less bright are equally encouraged. The school follows very efficient teaching techniques and participatory methodology. In addition, this is the place where students, and teachers work together to explore into unknown realm in order to realize their potential, dreams and wishes. We are sure you will feel happy and satisfied with us and hope that you will choose to become a member of our school community and make your dreams come true. 

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